What Is Biblical Salvation?

“It is only through faith in Jesus that anyone will escape the justice of Hell. Jesus is our only hope for the forgiveness of our sins. Once a person believes in Jesus, he or she is forgiven of all sins past, present and future, declared not guilty by God, born again, given new life, made a new creation, indwelled by the Holy Spirit, sealed forever by God, and is irrevocably destined for Heaven. This is what it means to be saved through believing the Gospel–according to the Bible. Growing in grace (sanctification) is what can happen next, but salvation is no longer an issue.”

–Curtis Smale

2 Replies to “What Is Biblical Salvation?”

  1. For me, salvation is more than eternity in heaven. Where Jesus saved my soul for heaven, the Holy Spirit saves me for my remaining time here in earth. It’s the presence of the Spirit that makes my life worth living. And I’m so grateful.


    1. Hi, C.J.. Well, it depends on how salvation is defined. I define salvation as justification, because it is because of Jesus’ work only that we are declared “not guilty.” Sanctification is a ~result~ of salvation. If sanctification is part of salvation, we end up with our good works being part of what gets us into Heaven. This is works salvation–Lordship salvation.


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