Reality and Truth


“God has so designed things that Man cannot legislate a new Reality into existence, no matter how hard he tries. No matter how many people believe the lie, vote for the lie, agree with the lie, are peer-pressured into a lie, or are brainwashed by a lie–a lie is still just a lie. And, in the end, Reality, designed by God, will have its results, good and bad. Scientists do not create physical reality, they only discover it. A man in a white coat cannot make Evolution into Truth. A Professor cannot make up Reality. A Congress and a Court Supreme cannot make abnormal sexual perversity and child-murder right. The Real World is ~never~ a Fantasyland created by our imaginations and feelings. (Those kinds of things only happen in movies!) The Wonderful Reality, created by God Himself, is called Heaven, (with a Perfect New Earth, and Perfect Bodies) and this Place will only be found by those who believe in Jesus as their divine Savior, crucified for all sins, and resurrected to eternal life.”

–Curtis Smale

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