Why Do You Believe in Jesus?



Why Do You Believe in Jesus as your Savior from sin, death and Hell, and as the Only Way to Heaven, and the Only Way to peace and fellowship with God?

God, our Creator, loves humans so much, that He incarnated as a human, and came to earth to provide a sacrifice for the forgiveness of all of all people’s sins–past, present and future. Jesus Christ is God and man. He bled, suffered, and died on the Roman cross of crucifixion for all people’s sins, and He rose again from death back to life on the third day. If you, even right now, believe in Him as your Savior from sin, death, and Hell, you will be immediately forgiven of your sins, you will be immediately declared “not guilty” of your sins, you will immediately be given Christ’s righteousness, you will immediately be given everlasting life, you will immediately be indwelled by God’s Holy Spirit, you will immediately have a spiritual fellowship connection to God, and you will be immediately irrevocably destined to go to Heaven the moment you die. Here are almost half a century’s worth of personal reasons and experiences why I believe in God–and Jesus as my Savior from sin, death, and Hell:

Biblically: Because God the Father has drawn me to Jesus, through saving faith in Him, from before the foundation of the world.
Biblically: Because the external Holy Spirit has internally worked faith in me, and dwells in me, and has enabled me to believe in Jesus as my Savior.
Scripturally: Because of the Bible’s promises of salvation. (Jesus in John 3:16, and Jesus in John 6:47)
Prophetically: Because of the confirmed prophecies of Jesus the Messiah Christ in Scripture.
1) Because the creation must have had a First Cause, which is God.
2) Because there is a universally recognized Moral Law which emanates from God.
3) Because it can be shown that every human being has broken the Moral Law.
4) Because the Bible teaches God’s love and forgiveness and goodness in the face of the problem (for humans) of divine justice, which is set up by 1, 2, and 3.
Spiritually: Because I have sensed, and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in my spirit, leading me in that direction.
Mentally: Because Jesus is the most prominent figure in all of human history.
Emotionally: Because God personally and directly comforts me emotionally through His Spirit.
Physically: Because of Creation, because of historical artifacts, and because of the Bible’s existence and preservation.
Socially: Because more people have found truth, love, forgiveness, meaning, hope and validity in Jesus than in any other religion or god; or in science, in worldly pursuits, or in their own minds.
Historically: Because of the writings, artifacts, cities, names, geography, archaeological discoveries, nations, genealogies, historical names, movements, and outgrowths of Judaism and Christianity.
Historically: Because of the Spirit-led Christian charities to the sick, to those in poverty and starvation, and to children.
Medically: Because Jesus was dead when He was taken off that cross (water and blood from His side)… and He was seen alive again later, by hundreds of people, and written about by ancient people who did not believe in Him.
Because of the presence of God; goodness, love, forgiveness, holiness: sensing in Sunday School at maybe seven years old or younger, the love, forgiveness, kindness and goodness of Jesus in the famous 1940’s Warner Sallman painting of Jesus the Lamb of God holding the lamb standing among the lambs (this is the earliest memory I have of believing in Jesus);
Because of the Peace, Love and Joy wall plaque hanging at my childhood home on Oakwood Street;
Because of God working in my life;
Because of miracles;
Because of providence;
Because of provision,
Because of answered prayers;
Because of unanswered prayers;
Because of revelation;
Becuase of intuitional leading;
Because of the contrast with other religions’ basic claims;
Because of a supernatural experience with the presence of evil on an inanimate object;
Because of the Robert Rhyne paper, “Sanctification by Grace through Faith”–and two and a half months’ Bible revelation (any question I asked, except two) while I was a CNA;
Because of unimaginable highs and the hellish lows;
Because of the Steven Curtis Chapman album, “Heaven in the Real World” and that specific song, 400-500 times over several years;
Because of the complete and instantaneous (in less than one second of one minute of time) and lasting healing from the deadly condition that I suffered with for over twenty-seven years, WHILE I was begging God for relief, almost 8 years ago–Third Day song “Cry Out to Jesus;”
Because of C.S. Lewis’ non-fiction books when I was ten years old and all through my life–the basketball hoops and the wisdom tree;
Because of the experiences of pure grace and holiness at Something More and NWL bookstores;
Because of the unexpected $700+ “insurance overpayment refund” check that appeared in my Aspen Bluff apartment mailbox on the day when I was desperately broke and told God there was no way He could logically provide for me and obviously You don’t do miracles anymore;
Because of the time the phone rang *offering* me a *job* *not an interview* WHILE I was on my bed praying for a job;
Because of the time the man who looked like what everyone imagines Jesus to look like: dressed in all white, white belt and white shoes, walked by and rapped his knuckle on on her side of her car WHILE I was talking with a friend and telling her that “Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart to convince her to believe in Jesus;”
Because of the faith of others; looking back over my life; others’ stories;
Because of the central lie of Buddhism (satori) in college;
Because of my own sins, evils, and moral failings.
Because of the woman at a stoplight screaming at me mockingly a few years ago for listening to Christian music in my car and having tears in my eyes;
Because of the fear of God, morality, and Hell.
Because of the reality of the need for repentance: hatred, anger and depression.
Because of feeling and sensing others praying for me, and others sensing me praying for them, and having that confirmed externally.
Because of the peace of God that has surrounded me.
Because of the difference between people who do things in God’s love and God’s grace and in the Spirit of God versus people who do things carnally of their own fleshly selves;
Because of the demonstrable inferiority of other religions.
Because of the truth about the Fall, human sin, and the cursedness of the earth.
Because of the darkness and anger, evil, filthiness, insults and illogic of Atheist debators online.
Because of some near-death experience (NDE) testimonies about the afterlife, God, Heaven and Hell, and angels and demons on YouTube, and TV documentaries and books on this subject.
Because of the religious falsehoods of New Agers, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims—and even imperfections and falsehoods in all Christian denominations.
Because of the dramatic truth in movies.
Because of the universal desire for Heaven.
Because of pleasure.
Because of pain.
Because of the universal fear of God and his justice in Hell.
Because of righteous men’s belief in Christ.
Because of the love and graciousness and righteousness and kindness and goodness and generosity and forgiveness (Christlikeness) of Carl Thiele, Wendy, Joanne, Ellen, Mark Roeder, Bryan Smale, and a few others.
Because of the confirming presence of the Holy Spirit.
Because of the presence and attacks of evil spirits.
Because of Satan the devil, the world and the sinful flesh.
Because of the human brain, the eye, DNA, animals, galaxies, (and insects–thank you, brother Bryan).
Because of deep laughter and humor and joy.
Because of every kind of love: sacrificial love, unconditional love, affection love, friendship love, romantic love, and love of enjoying things.
Because of the transporting beauty in music and books and movies and art of all kinds.
Because of people dying at St. Mary’s Hospital, Milwaukee, WI, where I worked, because of people dying in hospice and dying at home.
Because of the dying confessions of sin and of faith that I heard.
Because of the karma-like judgments of God that occur in this life.
Because karma-like judgments that do not occur in this life.
Because mere human belief and confirmation biases do not at all explain all that I list here.
Because of the existence of mathematical and scientific laws.
Because of the believers’ historical reaction to the resurrection of Christ.
Because of my own sin > the holy moral law > God > Christ.
Because of how God has worked in my life in all of the above ways to absolutely confirm His existence and that to absolutely confirm that the Gospel of Christ is the central truth about reality and the only saving message for me and all of mankind. Amen.

-Curtis Smale

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