Sigourney and the Meaning of Life



Last night I was looking around in Sigourney Weaver’s section of You Tube.

I am a huge fan of the first two ALIEN films, I wanted to find out any news about ALIEN 5 I was scrolling down the list of videos, I found a short clip that had an extremely un-Hollywood-looking first image.

It was of Sigourney on the streets of Berlin, Germany, signing some items for a couple of German fans.

I watched this video just before going to bed, and my mind did the rest.

I woke up with the following thoughts.

The reason I watched this video is that Sigourney looked old, haggard, and maybe not in a good mood. I wanted to catch a glimpse of the real person before she went into acting or public relations mode.

Probably the first time I ever saw the image of Sigourney Weaver was in the original ALIEN movie. This movie, like very few before or after it, made such a deep impression on me that I remembered the movie theater I was in when I saw it.

Even years after, when I drove past that theater I usually thought: how could I have had such a mind-blowing experience in that building?

That movie theater was a portal to another world.

So I tapped the gray triangle and played the video, fully ready to destroy all my illusions about Sigourney Weaver.

I imagined I was there, that I was that guy on that Berlin street. Immediately I sensed the dynamics of the interaction. The older, possibly fatigued, woman signing videos and magazines, barely aware of what she was signing. The rabid fan, intent on getting exactly what he wanted. Sigourney was very careful to ask exactly where the fan wanted her to sign the item. Her face tensed with concentration and possibly stress and frustration. After she signed, what happened next was amazing. The fan wanted a quick photo with Sigourney and the entire thing took about once second, so aware were all parties of exactly what was wanted.

For the photo, in a flash, immediately the patented Sigourney Weaver power grin came out.

So, how did my mind extrapolate the meaning of the universe from this thirty-nine second video?

Think about the dynamics of it. What does the star want? What does the fan want? Why do they want it? What is the value?

The fan wants to get his items signed. The star wants to do what the fan wants, exactly the way the fan wants, because the star wants to be loved and wants fans to go to her movies so she can continue her career and continue to make millions of dollars.

But why does the fan want Sigourney to sign the items? Probably for one of two reasons. He wants a sentimental remembrance of a brief experience with a favorite movie star. Or, he wants to resell the items and make a profit.

That got me thinking. Because I so recently experienced an extremely famous person, Buzz Aldrin (1), I could relate to the fan’s feelings.

But then, I thought, let’s say that this is a very important moment for the fan, and he does not intend to sell the autographed items. He loves Sigourney’s character, Ripley, and he wants these items as a remembrance of meeting her.

Then, I thought, why does the fan value Sigourney higher than other people? Why does he want an experience with an aging actress, 37 years removed from her appearance as Ripley in ALIEN?

It occurred to me that he values the actress because he values the character she played in a fictional futuristic universe.

Then, I asked why he values that character in that fictional universe. (Don’t get me started.)

Sigourney played one of the first very strong and prominent female characters in modern movies. I think she is popular because she embodies both strength and weakness. She has some very strong masculine traits. She can be childlike and goofy–or dead serious. She has a range much wider than most actors.

And she confronts and defeats a Satanic, hellish alien creature.

Then, in my sleep, my thoughts expanded. (Yes, I think in my sleep.)

I thought, if the fan wanted an experience with this favorite actress of his, wouldn’t he care about how she was feeling? Wouldn’t he want her to have a good time, for them to have a good time together, if only for a few moments? It seems that this reality would be the real value of meeting Sigourney Weaver.

Well, maybe he could tell his friends about the meeting, and show the video.

Would his friends be envious? Would it raise the fan’s status among his friends?

At this point, or maybe some time ago, many readers will have said to themselves, “Whoa, this getting deep.”

But why do people not want to go “deep”?

Let’s get to the heart of it.

Why do we value movie stars, politicians and astronauts?

I think one reason is what they have done: amazing feats.

Then I thought, aren’t people really just looking for God, for love, for self-worth by association?

This led me to Jesus.

This is the conclusion all of this led to very quickly.

Jesus is God and he gives value and forgiveness and restoration and value to our souls.

We all want to be loved.

God, love and Jesus really could be what we are looking for when we go to get an autograph from a movie star.

Sigourney Weaver and the meaning of this life.

Here’s the clip:

–Curtis Smale


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