The late Zen teacher Alan Watts sometimes says some wise things, but he took a lot of drugs and died of an overdose or suicide. He has a great, well-modulated voice, but notice the logical fallacy right at the beginning of a 30 second cartoon on You Tube.

He says if your father had not met your mother, maybe your Dad would have met another girl. “Would you still be here?” he asks. Watts says yes, you would still be here.

I say, no, I wouldn’t.

Genetically and logically, I am the product of the genetics of two specific people, not just any two people!

If a different sperm and egg had made a baby, it wouldn’t be -me-, it would be someone else.

I find errors in thought fascinating.

Great religions are based major false premises.

Buddhism, for all of its wonderful mediation practice and deep insights into psychology, it gets the major fact of life wrong. Buddhism says that there is no Creator God. Bzzzzzzz! (Wrong answer!). The Bible says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning wisdom. So, these millions of people are on a foundation of non-wisdom from the get-go.

If you deny any of these fundamental truths, into darkness you will go:

1) There is a Creator God who created the universe.

2) You are not Him, nor is the universe Him.

3) There is a Moral Law that you cannot get rid of no matter what you do. We know God is good and holy because the Moral Law exists.

4) You have broken the Moral Law (sin).

5) God is -holy- and -just- and therefore He must punish sinners for their sins.

6) Your good works cannot erase your sins.

7) The only way out of God’s holy justice is to receive God’s love and grace and forgiveness: believe in Jesus, crucified on a cross for your sins, and risen, as your Savior. (John 6:47)

Every false religion denies one or more of these.

And from that false premise, into darkness they go.

–Curtis Smale