“It sounds insane to say that cancer can be cured by drinking more water in the morning, but, thinking scientifically, what if it is true? Don’t take knee-jerk prejudices of ridiculousness as fact. If doctors found a 49-cent cure for cancer and a $200,000 cure for cancer, which one do you think they would promote and approve through the American Medical Association? Which one would have lots of scientific studies and numbers and “unbiased” science to back it?

Is it health care, or is it medical care?

Is it actually taking care of your health, or is it merely making greedy doctors richer?

“Health Care” is to eat organically grown (no pesticide) fruits, vegetables, and nuts, seeds, and lean turkey, mercury-free fish, and stilbestrol-free chicken, take appropriate supplements and vitamins, to get exercise, and to stay socially, mentally and spiritually active.

People do insane things every day: spend hours on Facebook and the Internet in general looking at things of little importance, watch negative, unprofitable, and biased “news,” watch porn, play endless hours of video games, write/view too many emails, watch disturbing movies, nastily argue–online or in person, choose romantic relationships based primarily on looks and body, value everything in terms of money, think that science has all the answers, eat artificial dead food, become almost completely sedentary or isolated, work too much, spend too much, etc.

Often, we don’t socialize or exercise or get out in nature or think, meditate or write valuable things. We don’t have good conversations with good people who we value and admire. We don’t prevent worthless things from wasting our time. We don’t read a few chapters of Scripture each day. We don’t read part of a good book. We don’t consciously choose good movies and good music and good art. We aren’t conscious of what we are thinking and how we are directing the attention of our minds. We aren’t aware of and appreciating our life right now. We don’t brush and our teeth enough (3x daily of both), or on paycheck day save money for future needs. We don’t give to others or help others. We don’t seek to love and obey God in all things in order to experience and enjoy close fellowship with Him. Quality, not just quantity, is important.

Death is coming soon for all of us, no matter how you slice it, and we are going to a judgment of rewards if we are saved through faith in Christ, accounting for how we used our lives. If we dwell in God’s love, if we believe that we are the holy children of God, we can give God’s love to others. On our deathbeds, only God, love, forgiveness, faith, hope, Jesus, Heaven, and relationships with loved ones will matter. Why not make these the priorites now? You can take that to the bank–I mean, to your deathbed, and all the way to Heaven.

Jesus said that where your heart is, there your treasure will be also.”