I think right about now in our culture, and maybe in world culture, we are seeing the results of a decline in Christian morality, ethics, and manners, combined with an extreme increase in the use of technology.

It seems people are getting more and more selfish, and more and more “touchy.”

People are easily offended.

The selfishness comes from getting everything your way, customized on the Internet, and from being pandered to by businesses in an ever more tailored way.

But people cannot be customized. Another person’s personality is not a product for our consumption.

And lately, people seem offended by every little thing.

Someone says or does some little thing, even without any bad intent, and the reaction is so out of proportion.

I think we need respectful dialogue, deeper human relations, a sense of humor, a return to the faith of our fathers, and a thicker skin as Americans.

I think “reality TV” conflicts and the emphasis on being offended have about run their course.

–Curtis Smale