It has been a long time since I have been really excited to see a movie in the theater. For months, I have been anticipating INTERSTELLAR The trailers showed a pilot who is going to take a ship to another world to somehow save earth by science and technology.

In a way, my reaction to this IMAX film was very similar to my reaction to the IMAX film, GRAVITY.

While watching INTERSTELLAR, it was an awe-inspiring spectacle. You think it is fantastic, wonderful and overwhelmingly great… for a few minutes.

Then later, after a disturbed night’s sleep of rocket noise and sensory overload, you realize the true value of the film.

Matthew McConaughey’s acting in this film is too manic–a flat outpouring of energy that is hard to relate to emotionally.

There are two or three very powerful moments in the film, my favorite being when the truck pulls away from the farm and this turns into the thundering sound of the rocket taking off.

Then there is the scene where Cooper watches his daughter Murph as she is aging and telling him about his father.

But overall, it seems like a giant sticky mess of carmel corn whose story is put together to produce big emotional reactions without a classic sense of realistic story coherence.

Another favorite part of the film was the years for one hour time distortion problem.

But at almost three hours, wonderful special effects aside, this is not a very good movie, and not one I can recommend.

–Curtis Smale