The English word Hell in the Bible does not always mean the place of the suffering of the damned. Sometimes, it simply refers to the earthly grave where the body goes to. The Bible is a chronologically ~progressive~ revelation.

But clearly, also, in the Old Testament, Hell is “the pit,” a place of afterlife suffering for the enemies of God. The Bible says that everyone who does not believe in Jesus is the enemy of God, and this is what we all are before we see how awful our sins are and how in need of forgiveness we are.

The Bible indicates that we are ~all~ born the sons and daughters of Satan because of the spiritual disconnection from God and “genetic” spiritual deadness that we were born into because of our remote ancestor Adam’s disobedience to God. (For example, no one needs to tell young children to be sinners, they automatically know how to do evil–why aren’t they naturally good and holy–good question, isn’t it?)

Hell is a physical place of darkness, misery and yet, flames, (like a terrifying bonfire in the darkness) because Jesus said that “~body~ and -soul-” will be destroyed (but not killed) in Hell, because the fire is never “quenched” and the worm (maggots) never dies.

Personally, based on awful personal experiences here on earth, I believe that the greatest suffering in Hell will not be physical, but rather spiritual and emotional. There will be none of the comforts and pleasures and blessings of God, but only overwhelming fear, devastating depression, utter despair, complete hopelessness, total anxiety, deep misery, unending worthlessness, and divine condemnation.

God is holier than we know. Compared to His pure, holy, white light, our best intentions and our most noble actions will appear as putrefacting vileness.

“The fear (reverence) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” And, “Knowing, therefore, the ~terror~ of the Lord, we persuade men.” (to believe) –2 Corinthians 5:10-12.”

–Curtis Smale

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