The Threat of Halloween


Probably, for every major holiday, most adults have ideas and attitudes they’ve held for many years.

I don’t know about you, but I’m glazed over about the proclamations of danger surrounding Halloween.

I don’t care about its “origins” or the fact that some .000001% of the population sacrifices babies to Satan on this night.

Of course, I care, but not in this context!

For many decades, Halloween has been a lighthearted dress-up and candy day for kids and cool costume day for adults.

Sure, there is the change-of-seasons Fall acknowledgement of death and spooky things, as well as the dramatizing of evil characters. And scary movies.

Let’s publicly acknowledge the existence of the sinful, dark, and evil side of life in this world in a dramatic way. Let’s stop believing and saying that people are basically good.

If you decide to actually worship Satan and perform human sacrifices this Halloween, please remember that nothing but prayer and local law enforcement is stopping you from doing it every day of the year. I would suggest April 15th as an alternate day for these activities.

If you want real horror, look into childhood psychological abuse, narcissism, sexual abuse, violence, perversion, suicidal depression, godlessness, pride, materialism, greed, murder, war crimes, torture, crimes against humanity, hatred, lies, poverty, oppression, civil rights abuses, tyranny, etc.

But, we get these things every day of the year.

No need to have a special day.

–Curtis Smale



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