Sleep Apnea Help

image(Yes, this is Han Solo in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, actually wearing a sleep apnea mask in the movie.)

I have had sleep apnea for over fifteen years. Every night, I sleep breathing through a tube connected to a nasal mask strapped my face (similar to Darth Vader’s mask, but not quite as cool looking!)


The tube is connected to a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine.

Up until about three years ago, I had no problem at all with sleeping or breathing as long as I used the mask.

Then suddenly, the problem get a lot worse.

I had trouble breathing and sleeping unless my upper body was propped up on an angle.

In addition to the sleep apnea machine, a recliner, and later an adjustable bed ($2,600+) that my brother Bryan bought for me, the two products pictured below have allowed me to breathe and sleep at night.

After 14 months of suffering sleep suffocation hell on earth (no exaggeration: this was one of the most painful and terrifying things I’ve ever experienced), I finally became my own doctor, prayed a lot, and found these two products to open up my throat so I could breathe:

image image image

The MSM shrinks down your throat tissues. I take two tablets every night before bed.

The Alkalol goes into the Netti Pot above, cut it maybe 1/3 by cool water.

You can get the MSM at any health food store. (Mine was from Whole Foods–their own brand is great.)

The Alkalol and Netti Pot you can get at any good pharmacy.

These are life savers for the sleep apnea sufferer.

After a couple of months, you get so used to pouring the Menthol stuff into your nose, that it is like nothing at all.

God bless your health!


PS: I am not a huge believer in White Coat Mainstream Medicine. Doctors did not and could not help me when I was suffocating. All they want to do is find the most expensive patented solution to your problem. I have always said, if they could find a 49 cent solution to a medical problem or disease, they would never tell you. In my experience, doctors are like car mechanics–most of them are primarily in it for the money!

PPS: Also, my Uncle Lyle sent me this video link for exercises to do that strengthen your throat muscles so your throat does not close down when you sleep:

The exercises are:
Buzz the Brain Tiger
Yell the Laughing Hyena
The Ceiling Lick
The Ceiling Lick II

I have not tried them yet, so I don’t know how effective they are.

a video that demonstrates them in detail:

– See more at:


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