I just received a Facebook post from a Christian ministry. It said that we are all God’s masterpieces.

Is this true?

The art hanging in a gallery was created by van Gogh, who was created by God.


And his paintings are among the best ever created by humans, all of which humans were created by God.

And, if every human is a masterpiece, then there is no such thing as a masterpiece, because a master-piece is the best of a group.

And the Bible verse says that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” not that we are all masterpieces.

This is American narcissistic theology.

Christians need to think deeper than this.

It is true that God has masterfully made all of us.

And it is true that God lavishly loves all people.

But we cannot all be masterpieces, at least in given areas of talent.

But we are all unique and special.

–Curtis Smale