Lordship Salvation False Gospel


Lordship Salvation is the teaching that salvation is received through a sincere discipleship (good works) commitment to Christ, and through good works of obedient discipleship to Christ, and to a lifetime of persevering faithfulness in the doing of good works.

Lordship Salvation is a lie from the deepest pit of Hell.

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Salvation is -not- gained by any good works or discipleship, either before or after belief in Jesus.

Salvation is permanent[1], and irrevocable[2], and instantaneous[3], and it is received by those who, even for one moment, believe in Jesus.

According to the Bible:

You cannot lose your salvation.

You cannot lose your salvation even if you lose all faith in Jesus after you once had it.

You cannot give up your salvation.

You cannot commit so many sins that you lose your salvation.

None of your “good works” are required for salvation.

Repentance from sins is -not- required for salvation.

The Lordship Salvation lie is epidemic it the church today. Some estimate this spiritually deadly error to be infecting up to 95% of all “Christian” churches.

Understanding this error helps clarify the true Gospel, which is found in 1st Corinthians 15:1-4. Notice that in this explanation of what saves a person there is -no- mention of good works and no mention of any commitment to do any good works.

We are saved entirely by Jesus and by His death for the forgiveness of all of our (and everyone’s) sins, and by His and resurrection (by belief in Jesus’ Gospel).

Of course, this does not mean that God is opposed to good works, only that they are not to be relied upon for salvation.

Good works naturally flow out of a saved person who is living by faith in Jesus.

***But–good works are *not* a “part” of saving faith.***

Good works, for the permanently saved person, (for the believer in Jesus), come:

from God’s grace,

from faith in and reliance upon Christ our Savior and Lord,

from faith in the Word of God,

from belief in our new identity in Christ,

from God’s love and our obedience to Him because we love Him because He loved us first,


by following the indwelling Holy Spirit.
[1] Ephesians 1:13-14

[2] Romans 11:29

[3] John 6:47: Notice the word, “has,” in this verse, as in: as a believer in Jesus you -have- eternal life as a present possession.
–Curtis Smale


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