“People are very concerned with the external looks of things (cars, dwellings, face, hair, body, clothes), but are very little interested in the internal condition of their soul.

Because other people cannot see their soul, so they think, many people think that their soul is not important. But this is not true. After only a few years of friendship or marriage, the thing that will count the most is the quality of the soul of the person you are connecting with.

(And, the quality of your own soul.)

Do I have faith, love, a good conscience, humility, integrity, intuition, diligence, temperance, communion with God, dependence on God, caring, hope, empathy, creativity, grace, joy, courage, strength, thankfulness, contentment, good morality and ethics, responsiveness, supportiveness, purity, vulnerability, honesty, wisdom, knowledge, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, generosity, faithfulness, self-control, a good sense of humor, forgiveness?

If not, progressively rely on Jesus’ Spirit for them.

And, am I missing such things as self-centeredness, sinful pride, free-floating anger, resentment, unforgiveness, materialism, depression, rebelliousness, negativity, and argumentativeness?

If not, ask God’s forgiveness for them, and consider yourself dead to them, in Christ, if you are a believer.

Find out about these things in other people before you go deep with anyone or make a commitment of close friendship.

Develop these things in your own soul, by God’s grace in Christ.

Curtis Smale