The Cashless Society

There is one major problem with a “cashless” society.

Once the money-and-power-worshipping corporate/government/banking conglomerate has complete control over your money and therefore your food, rent or mortgage, life, and freedom, with a spurious political or religious rationale, they can simply make a law that can shut down your ability to buy anything.

Even more than the threat to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, gun rights, or the Constitution, eliminating physical cash and coins will facilitate remote-control and total One World Government oppression.

No one will be able to buy or sell anything if the OWG takes away that ability.

Government and corporate entities are -currently- talking about implanting devices in your hand whereby you could only buy things if you have that device (“mark”?).

Welcome to the Book of Revelation, the last Book in the Bible, chapter 13, verses 13-18. These things were predicted almost 2,000 years ago.

How much more proof does anyone need that the Bible is true and accurate?

The next event on the timeline is the Rapture, which is the disappearance of believers from the earth.

The Return of Christ, and The Last Judgment, comes after, and are separate events.

–Curtis Smale, (John 6:47).

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