If you believe, even for one moment, in Jesus the God-man as your Savior, crucified for all of your sins on the cross, and risen from death on the third day, you will be forgiven of all your sins, past, present and future; and you will be holy in Christ; and you will have a guaranteed and irrevocable destiny of Heaven that cannot be lost or given back. This is salvation.

As a saved believer, if you trust what Christ did for you (made you righteous in Christ), you can live the Christian life of love. Your mind can be filled with the knowledge of God in the Bible. You can follow the Holy Spirit. You can fellowship with other believers in Jesus, and worship God. This is living a life of practical sanctification through faith in Jesus.

Eternal salvation and practical sanctification are NOT the same thing.

Doing good works is NOT a part of salvation.

Salvation is NOT received by repenting of your sins, being water baptized, taking the Lord’s Supper, avoiding sin, doing good works, continuing in faith and good works, by being loving, or by anything else other than by believing in Jesus. If you believe that you must do these things in order ot be saved, then you are believing the Lordship Salvation False Gospel, or False Salvation by Your Good Works. (No Salvation.)

Salvation is received through believing in Jesus as Savior.

Practical sanctification is walking by faith on this earth. If we, by God’s grace, live in faith and in obedience and in His love, we will become Christ-like in this present life.

-Curtis Smale
John 6:47