Salvation vs. Sanctification, Simplified

People are permanently saved solely through trusting in Jesus as Savior from their sins, without doing any good works either before or after their belief.

After becoming believers in Jesus, it is not guaranteed nor a necessity that believers will do observable good works, or any good works at all, in order to “remain saved.” (Salvation is eternal, guaranteed, and irrevocable.)

But, believers have the ability and the commands of God, and the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, to willfully live by grace, faith, love, obedience and connection to God after they believe, so that they may enjoy close practical fellowship with God. This is the difference between eternal salvation to Heaven, and practical sanctification in this life.

Learning is a process of gaining knowledge and also of error correction. I have been wrong thousands of times in every area of knowledge, but I do not think I am wrong about this subject (in its basic facts) that I have studied more intensely than any other.

Please comment below. Please correct me if you think that my understanding is wrong or could be made more complete or accurate in any of its details. Thanks.

Curtis Smale

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