It seems to me that the way to look at this, for me, as a believer in Jesus, is that, sure, there might be a financial motivation to capitalize on this, and that the liberals have and will make opportunistic media use of it, but that, at heart, this is a human being who has struggled with sex identity issues his entire life.

There was a confluence of issues a year ago, and, if course, it will continue if Caitlyn has genital surgery, or if he dates men, or if he de-transitions back to a male appearance.

To call it a “gender identity disorder” in today’s social climate sounds judgmental, but really, that is what it is, and to face that fact would be the best thing for Jenner. It seems to me that he is a very troubled person, by his own account, and also that he is being used to further an agenda.

According to several websites, he also identifies as a conservative, a Republican, and as a Christian. But knowing these things is not the reason for my compassion toward this man.

My compassion stems from the grace of God. The grace of God knows no bounds, Christ died for every human being, and He died for all of our sins. But, of course, also, his sex identity direction is not God’s will.

I disagree with some angry, fearful preachers, some of which preachers I really like, who simply condemn him: Jenner needs our prayers, as do all of us who struggle with whatever sin or inner conflict or weakness.

What are your thoughts on this focal point of the national media, and more recently of public policy, regarding transgendered people and bathrooms?

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Curtis Smale
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John 6:47