Lordship Salvation False Gospel in Focus: Radio Preacher Alistair Begg of “Truth for Life”

Four years ago, I thought Alistair Begg was a great preacher. Today, I recognize him clearly as a False Teacher. Actually, he is listed as the head of the Lordship Salvation (False Gospel) Association! Shows you what a blind idiot I can be! Begg is a great radio speaker and he says many wonderful things, but there is always that hardness demand of the Law–here’s what you need to do to be a “Real Christian,” and to really be saved. Watch out for this phrase or idea in any preacher.

A “real Christian,” a saved person, is one who simply believes in Jesus. (John 6:47).

Someone who seems very dedicated in his faith and in righteousness and kindness may be “Christlike,” but it is faith in Jesus *alone and only* that makes him a saved believing Christian. (I say “alone and only” because Martin Luther was a False Teacher also, who said, “Faith Alone,” and then added all these other things as conditions of salvation: repentance from your sins, commitment to Christ (the same as False Prophets Billy Graham and John MacArthur and MANY others today), water baptism, Lord’s Supper, regular church attendance, lifelong commitment and performance of good works, and no big sins). (No wonder so many people in the Lutheran denominations are unsure whether they are saved!)

Alistair Begg teaches salvation through repentance and through lifelong works of discipleship. Salvation, for Begg, is a business deal. The phrase he uses here puts it all in a nutshell. Begg says that “Believing Means Behaving” (or Doing). *No, it doesn’t!* Believing _doesn’t_ mean doing good works. Believing means trusting Jesus and what HE did in His perfect life, death on the cross for all your sins (past, present and future), and His resurrection. If you get the way of salvation wrong, you are a False Teacher.

Curtis Smale



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