About an hour ago, I heard popular radio preacher/teacher R.C. Sproul very clearly preach the antithesis of the Gospel on the “Christian” station. He preached a False Gospel, loud and clear.

He said that in order to determine the status of your salvation, you should look deeply within to determine the condition of your soul.

This is pure salvation by your own “goodness,” or by the condition of your soul. Salvation by self.

This is the very opposite of the true Gospel, which is: Jesus died for all of your sins on the cross and rose again on the third day. Jesus says in John 6:47 that if you believe in Him, you have eternal life as a present and eternal possession.

No looking deeply into your soul is necessary to determine the status of your salvation.

Salvation has two statuses: you are either saved through faith in Jesus; or you are not. There is no in-between, and there are no levels or degrees of salvation.

Salvation by your own inner goodness is the False Gospel taught by Roman Catholicism, Lutheranism, most Protestant and Reformed churches, and most Evangelical denominations.

There is only pride and sin in my soul without Jesus.

Once you have believed in Jesus, you are saved, sealed, forgiven, new, and destined for Heaven.


R.C. Sproul is a False Teacher who preaches a False Gospel.

Curtis Smale