What It’s Not

The essence of living as a Christian in daily life, as one who has believed in Jesus Christ, (who was crucified on the cross for all sins, was buried, and was risen to life on the third day, as God-man and Savior), and as one who has been eternally saved from sin, death, and Hell)–

is ~not~ in attending church, singing hymns of worship once a week, and giving money to Christian ministry and missions and charity, and getting together with believers.

Do you realize that an unbeliever could do all the things I just mentioned?

It is not in living a basically moral and ethical life.

It is not in being calm.

It is not in being loving.

It is not in believing in God simply as Creator.

It is certainly not in trying to be saved by doing good works and being a disciple (that’s Lordship Salvation False Gospel).

It is definitely not living under rules and laws (that’s God-disconnected Legalism).

The Key

The key to living as a Christian is living like Christ, prayerfully, peacefully, restfully, and obediently, as God’s child.

It is to live as one who has been crucified ~with~ Christ and risen with Christ from the dead, to glorious new spiritual life.

It is to live internally in spiritual unity with God, through Christ.

It is living as a son or daughter of your heavenly Father, in His love, by His gracious Spirit.

It is living under His Lordship and grace, not for salvation into Heaven (you already have that, irrevocably guaranteed, as one who has believed in Jesus), but for practical sanctification and as the way to put Him in the center of your heart and in the center of your life and to grow in Him as a child of God.

To live as a Christian is to realize that you or I are ~not~ The Ultimate Boss of our lives.

It is to practically believe and trust in God and obey His words and commands in the Bible as our God and Lord and Father and Boss, in daily life.

We trust God, who is our Lord and our heavenly Father, with all that we do not know or understand (which is a lot!)

It is to will and to do and to think according to God’s Word.

It is to confess our sins and to love everyone with the love God has given us (to be kind and to have goodwill toward them),

and to forgive everyone of everything, forgive every wrongdoing, continually.

It is to allow His Spirit to influence our thoughts, feelings and actions.

It is to live creatively under His grace and under His Spirit’s guidance.

It is to be one with God, practically, as much as possible.

It is to realize who we already are in Christ, and to realize what we already have, in Christ (everything spiritual, in the heavenly realms).

What Should We Do If We Are Living in God’s Love?

Jesus said that if we love Him, we should obey His commands, not as a way to save or justify ourselves, but as a way to live practically as His children, to commune with Him by faith and in our spirit connected to His Spirit, and to be ~spiritually~ blessed through that obedience.

It is the only blessed way to live on earth in a practical way as a Christian, as an eternally saved believer, regardless of anything else you may do or have, or not do or have, in your life.

It is the only way to live as a child of God, waiting for a blessed death or the return of Jesus, through either of which ways we believers in Jesus will be forever in Heaven, in His heavenly kingdom, with the Lord.

What would you add as essential to living spiritually in Christ?

Are there some things I have missed?

Please let me know in the comments below.

Curtis Smale

John 6:47, “has”