I have come to see that some unbelieving people are more moral and kind and calm than believers in Jesus. The terrible thing is that if they do not become believers, they will not be cleansed of their sins, they will not get a new holy life, united with God, and, they will not enter Heaven.

The problem, from a human point of view, is not with their morality, wisdom, calm, or and kindness.

These are beautiful human qualities appreciated by everyone.

The problem is that the source of these virtues is self-righteousness, no matter how genteel or how carefully concealed.

It is this way for all of us by nature.

As for Christian believers, the problem is shallowness in our spirituality. It could be that we do not read His Word daily, that we do not pray, that we do not worship Him, that we do not believe in our identity in Christ, that we do not seek to follow God’s Spirit in our spirit, that we do not believe that we are loved by God, that we do not experience the love of the Holy Spirit, or that, once loved, we do not show love for God by obeying Him.

Curtis Smale