There is a true story in my family that comes from a sometimes rather cynical and angry family member.

He tells a story about a pastor who was all sunshine and happiness and positivity.

We’ll call him Pastor Sunshine.

Pastor Sunshine always had a big smile and was full of positivity, and, as this family member kind of indicated, was also full of something else.

He was always trying to get people to come to church so they would be positive and happy.

Well, one day, when Pastor Sunshine got home, he discovered that his wife and four children were mowed down as pedestrians by a drunk driver, and all five were dead.

My relative said he saw Pastor Sunshine down at the liquor store with a box full of liquor bottles, carrying them toward the door, out to his car.

Ex-Pastor Sunshine was not smiling, and he was not giving any positive advice.

Pastor Sunshine had resigned the pastorate, and he had also resigned his sunshiny attitude.

My relative said that he was unimpressed with how fake Pastor Sunshine’s faith was when you got right down to pain and loss and disappointment.

Curtis Smale