The difference between an amateur artist and a professional is that the amateur thinks that the purpose of art is to glorify his ego.

The professional knows that he is prized publicly only for his ability to deliver the product: a good book, a moving song, an engrossing movie, uplifting acting, an inspiring dance, a transportive painting.

But your art, though it may be an expression of your soul, is not your soul.

The entire banal and troubled complement of any real person is not what is expressed in art.

This is why you cannot be accepted for your art. Your art is not fully you.

This is not to say that the artist’s soul and sincerity projected into his art are some kind of artificial act. They cannot be. If they were, his art would have no affect on his audience.

Self-validation or redemption must be found elsewhere.

How putrid to see someone who thinks that he will find validation for his soul in his ability to do art.

This is like someone who thinks he will valued ~as a person~ for his ability to hammer a nail or to write a report.

Curtis Smale