Since I have not attended a formal, organized church in a couple of years, and I have not as much regularly listened to Christian preachers on the radio, which is something I have done for my entire adult life, (I strengthen my faith directly by reading the Bible and talking with other sincere and knowledgeable Christians), it was a shock to again listen to Christian preachers, and to realize how crazy they really sound.

Not only do they of course have a false gospel, Lordship Salvation, they also have many delusional ideas that do not match up with life in the real world, or with the general report of Scripture.

Yesterday, when I was driving home from work listening to the radio, I heard Dr. Tony Evans talking about his latest crusade to reform America into the moral and spiritual image of Christianity. This is the false teaching known as Dominion Theology.

The problem with Dominion Theology is that it does not match up with reality.

Christians admiringly listening to Dr. Tony Evans on the radio seemingly are under the impression that because he references God and His Scripture, that somehow his theory on the Christian domination of America is accurate, because Scriptures are referenced in a deceptive and utilitarian manner, consistent with his insane theory.

The problem with Dr. Tony Evans’ theories is that they do not match up, not only with facts in the world, but also they do not match up with the Word of God.

Scripture does NOT say that Christians are going to reform the world.

The Bible very clearly says that the world will go from bad to worse.

Jesus Himself asked if He would find faith on the earth when He returns.

The end times scenario in Revelation, except for the very last scene, is one of worldwide apostasy and oppression of Christians, not worldwide conversion by Christians.

To teach otherwise might be a satisfying fantasy, but if you want that, you can always go watch a superhero movie, which is why I think so many people are attracted to superhero movies: the depiction of winning, identifying with the winner, with satisfying emotional reactions, but no reality.