Some believers wonder why everyone doesn’t become a Christian. Why doesn’t everyone believe in God? Why does everyone not believe in Jesus?

Obviously He was a good man. Obviously, He personifies love. Obviously, He is the strongest civilizing force in the history of Western civilization. There is strong historical verification for His existence and even for His resurrection.

There is the infallible Word of God, and there are accurately fulfilled prophecies.

Wouldn’t everyone want forgiveness of their sins? Doesn’t everyone want to be united with God? Doesn’t everyone want to go to Heaven? (Everyone seems to believe in Heaven at funerals. I don’t believe that they all think that Heaven is a wishful dream or fantasy.)

Why do so many people, the vast majority, reject God, Jesus, the Gospel, and the Bible?

I think there are many reasons. One of the reasons is authority. People want to be the ultimate boss of their own life. They want no higher authority telling them what to do, or telling them what the truth is. Even if that Person is the Creator of the universe who created them.

Maybe they do not want to believe that they need to be rescued from their sin predicament, so they tell themselves that they are not sinners, that their sin isn’t so bad, or that, insanely, there is no such thing as sin.

It could be family pride, tradition, or family religion that keeps a person from putting their faith in Jesus.

Maybe a person wants their faulty reason and their limited experience to reign supreme.

Another reason that people reject faith in Jesus is that there is a sin that they are doing that they don’t want to stop doing, and they falsely believe that believing in Jesus will create a situation where they are no longer free or able to sin.

For some people, they find the doctrine of Hell so offensive that they don’t want to be saved from the reality of Hell.

I’m sure there are many more reasons why any specific individual does not believe in Jesus as Savior.

But I think the ultimate reason why people do not believe in God is that they are refusing the overtures and the presence of the Holy Spirit in their conscience.

Curtis Smale