Eternal salvation is by a moment of faith in Jesus (John 6:47), not by a lifetime of discipleship good works.

Salvation is by faith in Jesus, ~not~ by repentance of sins, water baptism, church membership, or lifelong discipleship or commitment to following Jesus.

(When a person believes in Jesus, he thereby ~repents~ of his unbelief, and obviously realizes he is a sinner. When a person believes in Jesus, he is immediately spiritually ~baptized~ into the death and resurrection of Christ by the Holy Spirit. He becomes an eternal ~member~ of the church. He is indwelled by the Holy Spirit forever. No good works of discipleship are necessary for salvation. Period.)

After a person believes in Jesus (6:47) he or she is eternally saved, he or she can believe in their new holy identity in Christ as a child of God, they can follow the Holy Spirit in their spirit, and they can love their neighbor with the love with which God has loved them, and they can do many good works.

No preacher should ever tell a person who believes in Jesus but they are not saved because their life doesn’t look good enough, or that they don’t do enough good works, or that they sin too much.

I have not been able to find one church that teaches eternal salvation through faith in Jesus without making good works and discipleship the bottom line of whether you are saved or not.

If you know of one in Colorado Springs, please let me know. I want to join it.

This is the False Gospel of Lordship Salvation, and it is in every one of the 30 churches I have been to in Colorado Springs.

They all initially ~say~ they believe in salvation by faith, but when it comes right down to it they believe in salvation by a lifetime of good works of discipleship in following Jesus.

This is a false gospel, and it is condemned to Hell twice in Galatians chapter 1.

There is no good news in this message of salvation through discipleship good works.

Salvation comes by faith in Jesus: John 6:47: “Most assuredly, I say to you, he (or she) who believes in me ~has~ everlasting life.”

Jesus is not wrong.

Curtis Smale

PS: Also, Ephesians 1:13,14 shows you that salvation is by a moment of faith in Jesus, sealed and guaranteed.