John MacArthur and Many Other False Prophets

I listened to John MacArthur for 30 years, on the radio. Many years ago, his salvation by good works of discipleship false teaching (Lordship Salvation) was not as obvious, and perhaps, often not explicity there.

There was a big controversy in the 1990s over it. He wrote a book clarifying his position, and many evangelicals wrote books showing that he was unbiblical. Many times he has been rebuked and asked to repent of his unbiblical position.

Many Christian radio stations include many Lordship preachers on their playlists. There are several websites full of statements by all of these preachers. I’ll post some if I can find them. Jesus said that there would be many false prophets -among- us.

A few examples: Billy Graham always told people to “repent of your sins” and “make a commitment to Christ,” and “follow Christ” lifelong in order to be saved. Clearly. Loudly. Repeatedly. Memorably. These are all ways of recommending works for salvation. Billy Graham’s is a message of salvation by works.

“Following Christ” is doing works of discipleship.

It’s fine once you are saved to follow Jesus and do good works, but following Jesus can never be made a -condition- of salvation. If you want to see salvation by works up close and clear as day, watch any You Tube videos by Paul Washer. He says that “-real- Christians repent of their sins and live morally.” Wrong.

Real Christians, saved believers, are those who -believe in Christ-.

Mormons can repent and do good works, and they reject the divinity of Jesus and they reject salvation by grace through faith. Mormons who believe these things are unsaved.

The true message of the biblical Gospel of grace is rare in churches today. I have gone to exactly 30 churches over the last few years. I don’t attend church anymore because they are all Lordship Salvation False Gospel. Apparently there are two in town that I just heard of, that are Free Grace (biblical truth) churches, and I would go there.

I would love to go to church again and hear someone preach who didn’t harm my faith.

Remember that Jesus asked if, when He returned, would He find faith on the earth.


Curtis Smale


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