Another Dream about My Mother as a Young Girl

I just had yet another experience that I’ve never had before. An auditory dream. When I was almost awake this morning, I had a sound-only dream that a young teenage girl on a cell phone was complaining about getting a tooth extracted, and she was really scared. It almost sounded like I was overhearing something through the window or next-door, but it was a dream, and I figured out that it was a dream mash up of two things. One, of the dream I had formerly had of my mother, really innocent like a child, and also a sentence from C.S. Lewis where he compared death to having a tooth extracted. So, if you put those two things together, and modernize it with the cellphone, you get my auditory-only dream of a young innocent girl on a cell phone complaining about having a tooth  extracted. It was kind of annoying when it was happening, but kind of funny and touching once I realized what it symbolized.

Here’s a link to the piece I wrote about the first dream, over a month before my Mom had her first stroke:

Curtis Smale

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