Regarding forgiveness, there cannot be one speck of unforgiveness, sinful hate, sinful anger, or resentment left in your soul. Not one speck. If there is even one speck left, it will take all of your joy away. God will not forgive you your sins if you do not forgive 100% everyone who has wronged you. You may be saved, but God will torment you here on earth. (Matthew 6:14,15; Matthew 18:34,35) Forgiveness is not only divine. Forgiveness is human, and it is absolutely necessary if you are to be happy. Forgiveness of everyone for everything, continually, is not an option if you want to have any joy. There is no joy or health of soul without forgiveness. None. You must think of everyone who has hurt you, everyone who has wronged you, and forgive them 100%. Ask Jesus to help you, because you ~cannot~ do this on your own (in that sense it is divine, for forgiveness and love come from God). Unforgiveness is an unbearable weight on your spirit and will cause one problem after another. There will be no peace in your soul, ever, until you forgive everyone, 100%. Not 99.9%, but 100%. That .01% will grow back into an oak tree of anger and resentment and hatred and unimaginable excruciating misery and depression. Then, you must forgive repeatedly, when you think of old offenses, and when new sins against you happen. Our sinful heart is deceitful above all things, and it is easy to begin to let the deadly and painful poison of unforgiveness start spreading again in our souls. There is an answer to the things that trouble and pain us. Read Jesus’ words in those verses above. He was not exaggerating. Unforgiveness causes God to torment you. God ~tortures~ you when you do not forgive 100%.

Forgiveness, forgiving everyone of everything, continually and repeatedly, creates joy in your soul.

Curtis Smale