The First Group, Externally Moral Unsaved People: there are many people who are ~not~ saved eternally, but who submit to Christian morality and are loving. The big problem here is that they are not saved, and they might feel extremely *self*~righteous because they are obeying the Lord. This is the soul-damning error of Lordship Salvation False Gospel: the false idea that being a “good person” is the ~real~ bottom line of what will get them into Heaven.

Beware people and preachers who talk about “real Christians” if they mean anything other than that a person believes in Jesus. (John 6:47)

The Second Group, Immoral Saved People: a person might be a saved believer but also be egregiously sinful.

The Second Group: there are people who believe savingly in Jesus, and therefore ~are~ eternally saved, but they are not living in faith, love, forgiveness, grace, devotion, prayer, or obedience to God’s Word and Spirit.

The First Group of people is yet headed for Hell, eternal damnation, because they cannot be saved by their good works–they are not believing in Jesus as Savior, and they still have unforgiven sins that holy God must judge them for, because He is righteous.

The Second Group is saved for Heaven, but are not living practically as sons of God in Christ, by grace, from His Spirit.

The Third Group, Spiritual Saved People: these people believe savingly in Jesus as Savior; and then live by grace, faith in our identity in Christ as holy and perfect, living in His love, in communion and in obedience to Him: this is, secondarily, and separately, practical sanctification (practical goodness).

People will flip-flop between the Second Group and the Third Group depending on whether they are living by grace, faith, love and the Spirit, or not.

There is a Fourth Group: Immoral Unsaved People, but there is no question about their destiny: Hell.

Jesus Christ, the incarnate God-man, was crucified. He shed His holy blood and died for all of the sins of all people, yours included. He rose again from death to life on the third day.

Believe in Jesus and you are saved forever.

Believe in Jesus for your daily life, and you will experience deep fellowship with God and be practically sanctified: spiritual sanctification.

Curtis Smale