Spiritual Maturity and Immaturity

Because of my own lack of spiritual growth and maturity, and my felt need of these things, and because of the worldliness and money/entertainment/legalism/control/Lordship Salvation False Gospel focus of every one of the 30 churches I have attended over the last few years, I am listing as best I can what seem to be the qualities of Christian spiritual maturity and immaturity.

Spiritual Maturity:

Holds as supreme the clear and exclusive, divine and biblical truth of permanent and irrevocable salvation from sin, death, and Hell, through faith in Jesus crucified and resurrected. (John 6:47; 1st Corinthians 15:1-4.)

Realizes that these things are needed for spiritual growth: God’s Grace in Christ, God’s love and often feeling it, God’s Word, God’s Spirit, fellowship with other believers, obedience to God, unconditional love for others, total and ongoing forgiveness of everyone for everything, and ongoing confession of sins.

Dependent on God




Gospel preacher

Kind truth teller

Sometimes, fierce truth teller.

Immovable on the basic truths of the faith.

Wide-minded and patient on many disputable matters.

Lives by faith in his or her identity in Christ as much as possible.

Lives in God’s love.

Strong and consistent prayer life.

Communes in his or her soul and spirit with God’s Spirit, regularly.

Has a deep knowledge of Scripture, people, and life.

Values his or her personal fellowship with God above all else.

The words of daily conversation are truthful and gracious.

Can discern truth from error, good from evil, and real from unreal.

Can graciously talk with a person who is caught in error or sin.

Humility before God and before people.

Tells the Gospel to people.

Gives money generously to the work of Jesus’ church and to the poor and needy.

Their faith produces good works.

All parts of their life are open to the working of God’s Spirit.

Contentment and satisfaction with what one has materially, as long as basic needs are met.




Sacrificial attitude

Lives a life clothed in the righteousness of Christ, and this is not an insincere mask.

No fear of death: to live is Christ, to die is gain.

Loves those who do not love them back.

Gives to those who can do nothing for them in return.

Gives money and help secretly, telling no one, ever, according to Jesus’ command.

Can suffer for Christ, in Christ.

Submission to legitimate authority.

Thinks and speaks pure words.

Hard worker.

Exhibits the nine fruit(s) of the Spirit:












Spiritually Immaturity:



Unbelief in God’s promises





Living like the God-less world, not confessing sins, and having low interest in spiritual things.

Lack of spititual discernment.

Focus on legalism.

Lack of knowledge of Scripture truth.

An impure thought, word, and deed life.

Finding the greatest satisfaction in family and friends, work, and hobbies, instead of in God Himself, through His Word and Spirit.

Trusting in Money more than trusting God.

Being more identified by a political stance than by your faith in Jesus and by their love.

Self-righteously judging unbelievers for acting like unbelievers.

Self-righteously judging believers for their sins.

Basing peace and satisfaction primarily on circumstances in this world.

Neglecting church attendance and/or fellowship with believers and acts of service.

Ungracious judging.

Addicted to habitual sins.

Not standing firm on the basic truths of Scripture.


Making this list, I can see I am lacking a lot of Jesus’ qualities that can come from Him through me, and I am guilty of a lot of sins, bad thoughts, bad intentions, and bad qualities and actions.

Please let me know what things you would add to either list. Thanks.

Curtis Smale



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