Proof or Faith?

If you study philosophy or faith, you will soon find that ultimate things do ~not~ have evidence and logic that can ~prove~ them beyond any doubt, though they do have logic and evidence–if ~you choose~ to accept them as such. The reason for this is that they are the things things upon which the evidence is based. For example, did you know that all of mathematics is based upon axioms?

Look it up: axiom (n) – Bing Dictionary
ax·i·om [ áksee əm ]
generally accepted truth: a statement or idea that people accept as self-evidently true
basic proposition assumed to be true: a basic proposition of a system that, although unproven, is used to prove the other propositions in the system Axioms are ~unprovable statements~ seen as self-evident.

They ~cannot~ be proven. 1 + 1 = 2 can be accepted, but not proven. If you cannot see that it is true, how would you prove it? It is the same with the identical facts that we all supposedly are looking at regarding science and origins. Interpretation. Faith. Belief. We all see the wonders of the universe. Some, by faith, say, “God created this.” Others, by faith, say, “Scientifically, I see no evidence of God.” The reason they can say this is that they have ~decided~ to limit their vision to ~material things~ only. But God is ~outside~ of material things. He cannot be proven, because He upholds all of what you would use to prove Him.

Everything you see can be seen as evidence of Him–or not. ~You decide~. And it is a decision, a choice, a faith, though proponents of the faith of Evolution would like to use Bulverism and assume it as fact without proving it and therefore declare it to be a fact, not a faith. Physical reality does not have revealed statements embedded at the subatomic level for Creation or for Evolution. Yet God is the Light by which we see all things. He is the ultimate source of meaning, without Whom, there is no ~ultimate~ meaning, and therefore, no meaning at all. He is the Water needed by our immortal souls. He is Love. He is goodness.

And His Son is the only Source of forgiveness for the moral wrongs we all have committed against holy almighty God. He is our only hope of Heaven. This is not a philosophical argument or an evidential scientific fact. Logic cannot prove it, irrefutably–if it could, it would, by definition, not be faith. Yet, it is the truth.

Curtis Smale

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