What Is a Narcissist?

A Narcissist is a person who, at an extremely painful moment of his or her life, makes a decision, or snaps into a state, in which they permanently no longer feel any psychological pain.

The two greatest sources of pain are from their own conscience, and from experiencing empathy for others. In one moment, these people completely block both their conscience and their empathy.

They lose their ability to love.

They immediately become sociopaths.

This does not mean that they become violent, but they lose a huge amount of their humanity and immediately they become extremely psychologically dangerous and destructive to others.

In order to function in life, they must mimic the behaviors and reactions of normal people who feel empathy and have a conscience.

Jesus, the Savior of your soul, is exactly the opposite. Through His sacrifice of suffering and death on the cross, He, out of unimaginable and unconditional love, out of total empathy, gave Himself for you. And He has more than conscience, He is One with the divine Holy Spirit.

Curtis Smale

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