Most people think they are “good” people. At funerals, people almost always say that the deceased “was a good person.” And, that the dead person is now “in a better place.”

Well, what criteria do we have for “good person”?

And why would people think the person is “in a better place”?

Heaven is a perfect Place. And only perfect people are allowed in.

People who do not have the full forgiveness of all sins, past, present, and future; and who do not have the righteousness of Christ through faith in Him, will not go to Heaven.

The Bible says that all of our righteous actions are like filthy rags.

No one can be admitted into Heaven (or onto the renewed Earth), without being perfect.

Only Jesus can perfect you.

Believe in Him right now, and you will have irrevocable eternal life (John 6:47), and you will dwell in heavenly bliss forever.

Many people’s souls, whose bodies are in funeral caskets, are not in a better place, as they have rejected God’s redeeming grace in Jesus.

Curtis Smale