How do we know what we know?

The Christian faith has many lines of evidence that support it:

1) You can look at the human brain and mind, truth, logic, self-awareness, and life, DNA, the cell, and the fine-tuning of the earth and the universe; and through conscience and simple reasoning, you know that there is a God.

2) Good and evil, right and wrong, the moral law, true and false, and real and unreal are self-evident.

3) If God created the physical universe and the moral law, then it follows that He is holy, good, and righteous.

4) If these three things are true, then people are in trouble at death because of God’s justice for breaking His holy laws.

5) If the Creator and Lawgiver has sent a message saying that Jesus’ death and resurrection is the only way to be forgiven reconciled with God, why not receive Him by faith?

I always wonder at which point any of this does not seem true or right or real… At what point does it break down? At what point is the Christian faith false and worthy of rejection?

Why do people reject Jesus as Savior?

Man has a source problem with his being, and a moral accountability problem, and a unity-with-God problem.

Faith in Jesus is the only solution to these problems.

Curtis Smale