Lordship False Gospel Preachers:

The Roman Catholic Church

Almost All Reformed, Calvinist, Armenian, and Lutheran Churches

Martin Luther

John Calvin

Billy Graham

Franklin Graham

John MacArthur

Charles Stanley

R.C. Sproul

John Piper

Paul Washer

Ray Comfort

Kirk Cameron

Ken Ham

William Lane Craig

Francis Chan

James MacDonald

Jack Chick Tracts


Calvary Chapel

Bob Coy

A.W. Tozer

Dr. Sinclair Ferguson

Chuck Missler

Albert Mohler

Todd Friel, WretchedTV

Alistair Begg

Steven Lawson

Charles Spurgeon ?

The NIV Bible, beautiful verses, but certain crucial verses preach LS False Salvation

Most megachurches and Christian radio stations and Christian bookstores




Biblical Free Grace Preachers:

God the Father

Jesus the Christ, The Son of God, True God and True Man, The Messiah,

The Holy Spirit









Watchman Nee

Zane Hodges

Charles Swindoll

Bob Wilkin

Shawn Lazar

Robert Rhyne

Curtis Smale

David J. Stewart

Renee Roland (not a pastor or church preacher)

Dallas Theological Seminary

Kent Hovind

Ken Boa

Curtis Hutson

R.C. Ryle ?


Jack Weaver, expreacherman.com, Notes from a Retired Preacher website

Steven Anderson, Faithful Word Baptist Church, Tempe, AZ: loud, sometimes angry and crazy, but has the correct Gospel message

Joseph Prince: Grace and positivity preacher with a prosperity angle

C.S. Lewis

Norman Geisler

John Lennox


Unknown, But May Be Lordship Salvation FalseĀ Gospel:

Jonathan Edwards

Dave Hunt

Leonard Ravenhill

James Dobson

Gary Habermas

A.W. Pink

Matt Slick ?

Greg Laurie ?

Tim Keller ?