If you want to know the medical realities of life, work as a CNA for a year.

If you believe in the innate goodness of people, take a job as an over-the-phone customer service agent.

If you don’t believe in mental illness and mental pain, anxiety and depression, foster resentment for several years.

If you believe you are the crocodile whisperer, put your face in a crocodile’s face.

If you need to be cured of your romantic ideas, get married.

If you think a lot of money will make you happy, research what happens to almost all lottery winners.

If you think earned money solves all problems, ask Steve Jobs.

If you want to know God, and be forgiven of all your sins, and be satisfied in the depths of your soul, believe in Jesus.

If you believe in uninterrupted physical immortality, and that you have a lot of time, go to a funeral.

If nothing in this life fully satisfies all your desires, die as a believer in Christ and go to Heaven.

Curtis Smale