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Hope for you, Jesus loves you, and He offers you forgiveness & life

Why did I have a veil over my eyes? Why didn’t I rest in the finished work of Christ? Pride. And I was absolutely blind to my own religious-minded deception.

In my heart, I genuinely believed that I was taking my walk more seriously than most other believers. And I had a contemptuous view of anyone who was totally resting in Jesus’ finished work.

And my horrible pride was fueled by listening to preachers like John McArthur and similar-minded men.

But I began to notice that my joy was diminishing as my pride in my walk increased. And a few trips in and out of legalism over the years finally got my attention. I had my efforts, but I was miserable, and I was a judgemental hypocrite.

So I returned to my source of joy for good. Resting in Christ + nothing.

That’s why I try to do my…

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