Love and joy. I think a lot of us don’t have it when we don’t have our basic grace doctrine right.

Hope for you, Jesus loves you, and He offers you forgiveness & life

All genuine love that exists is from God. He is love, and He loves all of us. And being born again by the Spirit of God, radiates His love in a unique way that is only known by those who are known by Him.

And this love that abounds in our hearts, organically eliminates our being prideful, or holding grudges against people doesn’t it? He just gives us a whole new thankful & happy perspective when He moves in. He freed us from our guilt and made us righteous! WOW! He gives us that whole perspective that says, “God has overflowed His love upon me, and all I want to do is grin and love people!” What joy.

Love is the greatest of all the Spiritual gifts as well, (1 Corinthians 13.13

This perspective that He gives us also makes following His commandment a natural thing doesn’t it?…1 John 3.23…

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