You Might Be a Lordship Salvationist, If…

By our friend John (From the Retired Preacher website)

You might be a “Lordship Salvationist” (a Believer in a False Gospel) — IF…

1. You think that loving Jesus is the same thing as believing in Jesus. .. .

2. You believe any of the five points of Calvinism.

3. You believe that there are marks of true believers.

4. You think that an inventory of personal holiness is a litmus test for a believer.

5. Your favorite authors are John MacArthur, Paul Washer, Francis Chan or John Piper

6. You believe that repenting of or turning from sin is an essential component of being or staying saved.

7. You believe that good works are an automatic result of salvation.

8. You believe behavioral changes (the “I used to’s…”) are appropriate content for a conversion testimony.

9. You think that people who have a pattern of “big sins” must be unbelievers.

10. You give Lordship “Salvation” (LS) teachers a pass, rather than marking and avoiding them.

11. You think you must desire a relationship with Christ in order to be saved.

12. You think that a believer must feel more sensitivity to sin in his life, or he was never really saved.

13. You think that a believer cannot fail to distinguish himself from the lost world.

14. You admire the exposition of LS teachers – except for the false gospel part.

15. You believe ”faith” and ”faithfulness” are the same things.

16. You are comfortable with non-biblical gospel substitutes.

17. Your favorite bumper stickers are ”Surrender All or Not at All” and ”Heaven: Don’t Miss it for the World“.

18. You believe the ”straight and narrow” refers to your behavior.

19. You believe that assurance of salvation is based on your own faithfulness.

20. You think Spurgeon did not teach Lordship salvation.

21. You think there is a difference between “head faith” and ”heart faith” – and only heart faith counts.

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