Repent of My Good Works?! Are You Nuts?!

Grace, Insight, and Art

Why is it that the Bible tells us that salvation is not obtained by our good works? (Ephesians 2:9)

Why is it that someone -cannot- be saved by being a “good person”?

Jesus answered this question when He said that there is no one good but God. (Matthew 19:17)

There are no people who are good before God.

Obviously, we all have done many obvious sins and evil actions.

By nature, we all are sinners.

But their good works cause many people to not feel a need for Jesus.

By nature, all of our good works are the efforts of sinful people cut off from the life of God–trying to justify ourselves.

We naturally want to do good works because we have a God-given conscience, and our conscience tells us that we should be good.

But we are sinners, both because of our sins, and because of our good motives…

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