Jesus Himself Personally Assures You of Your Eternal Life


Jesus, who is the Son of God, and God Almighty Himself, the Second Member of the Holy Trinity, said in John chapter six, verse 47, that if you believe in Him, you ~most assuredly~ have everlasting life:

“Most assuredly I say to you, he [or she] who believes [in Me] HAS everlasting life.” John 6:47

If you believe, even for one moment, in Jesus the God-man as your Savior, crucified for all of your sins on the cross, buried, and risen from the dead on the third day, you will be forgiven of all your sins, past, present and future; and you will be holy in Christ; and you will have a guaranteed and irrevocable destiny of Heaven that cannot be lost or given back. This is salvation.

As a saved believer, if you trust what Christ did for you (made you righteous in Christ), you can live the Christian life of love. Your mind can be filled with the knowledge of God in the Bible. You can follow the Holy Spirit. You can fellowship with other believers in Jesus, commune with God, and worship God. This is living a life of practical sanctification through faith in Jesus.

Eternal salvation and practical sanctification are NOT the same thing.

Doing good works is NOT a part of salvation.

Salvation is NOT received by confessing your faith, signing a card, raising your hand, joining a church, repenting of your sins, committing your life to Christ, being water baptized, taking the Lord’s Supper, avoiding sin, stopping doing big sins, doing good works, continuing in faith and good works, persevering to the end of your life, or by anything else other than by believing in Jesus the Incarnate Son of God as your Savior, crucified for all of your sins, dead, buried, and risen. (As good as all of these other things are.)

Doing good works for salvation is the False Gospel called Lordship Salvation, by which Satan is deceiving almost all “Christian” churches today.

Salvation is received through a moment of believing in Jesus as Savior.

Eternal Sanctification is the perfect spiritual gift of holiness in Christ, received in full at the moment of faith in Christ.

Curtis Smale





3 Replies to “Jesus Himself Personally Assures You of Your Eternal Life”

  1. I like what you wrote. However, I think one can and should take it even simple. For Paul told his jailors when they asked him what they must do to be save was, “belief on( his name) the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.” Just his name. What he did on the cross can be an understanding afterwords.

    Jesus wants one saved first. The knowledge of what he did on the cross and other doctrines can come afterwards.


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