1. Actually “giving your life over to Christ” is another way of describing faith in Christ. Do you consider faith works too? Charles Stanley has won more souls to Christ than you ever will and it’s funny how you can criticize someone for “works salvation” from behind your keyboard. When has Dr. Stanley ever preached works salvation? When we have faith in Christ, we “give our lives to Him”. Enough with people calling everything works, it’s ridiculous. He’s done more for the body of Christ than I’m sure you’ll ever do, sad blogger.


    1. What would Jesus do with my life? Jesus gives His life to us. Stanley preaches repentance and discipleship works for salvation. He is anathema cursed according to Galatians chapter one. Thank you for all the insults and attempts at discouragement. You must be a wonderful person.


    2. Some GESers don’t believe in any kind of result in the life of the saved. If you show them Scripture that disagrees with something they say, they come up with a way to explain it away. Some, in their efforts to oppose Lordship have gone too far in the other direction.


  2. Discipleship works for salvation? What are you talking about? And if you have a problem with repentance, you should check yourself before worrying about what other talk about. Dr.Charles Stanley is a God fearing man, who doesn’t carw what men think, he preaches straight from the word of God, he doesn’t add or take away from the gospel. Too bad if it’s too hard of a message for you to hear. Maybe you should read your bible again and show me wear Charles Stanley is going wrong. Let me guess, you’re into the “easy believism” or “hyper grace” message right? You probably like the Joseph Prince message that the Holy Spirit never convicts us sin too right?


    1. Charles Stanley is a false teacher because he teaches that the human work of repentance of sin and lifetime discipleship good works are necessary for salvation. I follow this guy named Jesus Christ, who promised eternal life if I believed in Him.


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