The Bible Says that Hell is Everlasting Conscious Torment

God Himself, Jesus, throws people into a furnace, He burns people alive, consciously, for all eternity, in Hell. God Himself throws people into Hell, and then, the Lake of Fire, who have rejected or have not believed in Jesus.

God is just. God is to be feared. God is terrifying. If He allows awful, horrific, things to go on here, imagine what is coming in Hell.

But as awful and terrifying as His justice is, His love is just as amazing. He incarnated as a human and suffered and died for the sins of all people, was buried, and rose again from the dead on the third day.

Reject faith in Jesus at your own peril. Unlike the soft preachers of today, Jesus warned of Hell. He said it was so bad, you should rather gouge out your eyes (without anaesthetic, presumably), and cut off your hands, rather than go there.

Paul spoke of warning every man, and spoke of the ~terror~ of God. God is no one to fool around with.

We are all sinners by nature and by actions, and we can only get right with God through faith in His Son.

People who never have suffered hellish physical and emotional pain for a long time on earth live in a land of illusion as to how bad and painful things can get.

Hell is real. And going There is the worst possible thing that can happen to you. Nothing wrong with a fear motivation if it keeps you from danger. Believe in Jesus right now and be safe from the wrath of God.

Curtis Smale

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