Hope for you, Jesus loves you, and He offers you forgiveness & life

My intention in this article is to help free people from religious bondage. From a heart that tries to honor scripture as best as I understand it. And in no way am I trying to incite disrespect to any person. I only want love to abound, which includes respecting people.

In Matthew chapter 23, Jesus warned of the scribes and Pharisees who coveted prominence among men. And in verses 8-10, He specifically gave orders to call no man “Rabbi,” “father,” and “masters.”

So what was being communicated then, is just as valid today. That being: To God be all of the praise & glory; don’t use titles of superiority to address religious figures. It robs honor from God, and it feeds men’s egos.

We are all equal in the body of Christ, with different functions.

Job made a similar statement in 32.21,22: “Let me not, I pray you, accept any…

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