Hope for you, Jesus loves you, and He offers you forgiveness & life

I’m not writing this brief article to try to scare anyone into salvation. But rather, I’m writing this article so that I don’t omit a very important part of God’s message.

God’s offer of salvation is to everyone, and the way to receive it is to believe on His Son. So the obvious implication is, this applies only to people who have the mental ability to believe on Christ. Therefore people who don’t have this ability, like little children, and persons who have had severe mental handicaps all their lives, we must assume are automatically under the grace of God. Because God is love, and He loves these precious souls. He’s not going to condemn anyone who never had the ability to believe.

God loves all of humanity, (John 3.16). But His righteousness and justice can’t & won’t overlook the sins of anyone who isn’t cleansed by the blood of…

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