Christian Bookstores

IMG_7631.PNGWalk into any Christian bookstore and soak up the general feel of the books and products. It’s all idealized, triumphant, and, most importantly, it’s all about YOU. Look how many book titles have YOU in their titles. How wonderful your life on this earth can be. If you take away the darkness and sin and pain and fear and doubt and struggle and disappointment from Christianity and from the perceptions of the lives of believers, you get what we have in America today: a white-toothed sales job–a Disney movie. Wait, even a Disney movie has more honesty about pain and fear and disappointment. The New American Christian Dream is a juvenile, narcissistic, and hollow fantasy all our life long: YOU can be a Christian superhero with a life of endless happiness: YOU.

The painful truths about life in this God-cursed world, and of God’s Gospel, that our prideful Self, the source of most of our misery, was crucified with Christ on the cross, is barely represented.

Curtis Smale

PS: I like how, in the photo above, the category WOMEN is in all caps. Churchianity is a business, and you gotta appeal to your demographic.

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