Union with God

IMG_7996.PNGOne of the prominent themes of Eastern spirituality is the attainment of enlightenment: to realize enlightenment. To be relieved of illusion is disillusionment.

But the Eastern view of reality is itself an illusion. To be disillusioned with it is to be enlightened to a primary degree.

Christians have infinitely more than this.

The Eastern view of reality is that everyone and everything is God. Pantheism a great deception, and billions of people believe this lie.

The longing of humanity to be one with the divine is an understandable impulse, and even a noble longing, seeking after God. However, if this longing is pursued in a way not according to truth, it will lead to the deepest darkness.

While there is a oneness on a physical level, on the plane of physical matter, man is not united with God by making such a realization.

Can we can touch God? Can we be in union with Him? It is only through Jesus, His grace, and forgiveness and holiness, and faith in Him, that we are allowed to participate in the divine nature, to have our spirit indwelled by God’s Holy Spirit, and to have our spirit dwell in God.

While we can participate in the divine nature by grace through faith in Christ, we are not God.

Distinctions are everything in theology and spirituality.

There is no fear in love.

Seek and you shall find.

We are in union with God, but we are not God.

We are partakers of the divine nature, but our nature is not in and of itself self-existent divinity. Aseity (self-existence) is a quality unique to God Himself.

There are many dimensions to reality:

Our inner soul and spirit.

The external earthly world.

The mental world.

The emotional plane.

The spiritual and moral truths.

The outer space physical universe.

The spiritual world.

God Himself.

As believers in Christ, we have the privilege to live in God’s love, with a new holy identity as his children in Christ.

To be fully loved by God.

To be in union with God.

To abide in God’s Word.

To will the will of God,

To follow his Spirit with our spirit.

The progression is by:
divine grace
faith in Christ
stillness of mind set on the spirit
clear and calm mind
communion with God
love of God, love of neighbor as ourselves
Christlike love, by His grace and spirit
there is no fear in love

God is love.

Curtis Smale

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