I also listened to John MacArthur for hundreds, maybe thousands of hours, for about 20 years. MacArthur is the lead servant of Satan in America today.

Hope for you, Jesus loves you, and He offers you forgiveness & life

Let me give you a bit of my own experience from listening to him.

For a season in my life, I was a rabid McArthur fan. I was originally attracted to his stance against the dangers of charismaticism, because I was once in that movement, and I felt good that someone was rebuking it. I listened to “Grace to you,” podcasts, & YouTube sermons by McArthur multiple times a day, most days of the week. No one has to tell me what McArthur teaches, I’ve probably listened to thousands of hours of his messages. I also bought his various commentaries, books, and study bibles.

But when God opened my eyes to His grace & finished work, I clearly saw the evil influence that McArthur had on me. I then threw away all of the McArthur-related material that I owned; it was filthy trash that denied the finished work of Christ.

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